Welcome to Wildsound "Dailies"

A day of shoot ends and then someone shouts "pack-up!" 

Relieved sighs can be heard everywhere. People massage their own shoulders sore from the weight of gears and camera, boom-men stretch their arms tired from being lifted up on set for hours, careful not to include the mic on a frame lest the director cuts the take. Some head home to get some sleep, some are off to another shoot. Somebody takes care of all the materials shot and fills a hard drive with audio and video to be sent to post-production, into another stage in the life of a film.

In post-production, the colorist scrubs his eyes tired from looking at a huge screen correcting color and white balance. The tech nabs some needed sleep while the footage transcodes from scary terabytes of 4K files to byte-sized proxies the editor's laptop would be able to handle during editing. The sound engineer rests his ears from all the explosion he browsed through while doing the sound design of the film, and the admin just finished a call from a client asking, haggling for a discount on a project they'll be shooting next Friday. Yet despite the eye-bags and mugs of coffee gulped down by these sleepless entities, everyone knew this is a choice they made.

Working in the film industry is a struggle, but what a joyful struggle it is. It is endless and relentless, but all worth it in the ending - when the film comes to life, projected in the cinema, with hundreds of people lining up outside only to witness what we've helped create.

Welcome to Dailies, a blog by the people of Wildsound Studios, an inside look at what's going on inside the company we treat as our second home.

So let the credits roll!