Where passion and creativity are at the forefront.

For the longest time, Wildsound Inc. has maintained its status as the leader in sound engineering. With unparalleled skills of engineers partnered with high-end equipment, our business partners couldn't ask for more.

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Rooted in the historic grounds of the pioneer in film production in the Philippines - Sampaguita Pictures, Wildsound has provided unprecedented audio post-production services to different clients across the industry.


Post-production is our game. For more than a decade, our people have worked with various clients and projects in the film industry not only in the Philippines, but overseas as well. We are technically-knowledgeable, creative, and passionate on what we do.


It boasts of 7 audio studios - 3 of which are mixing suites, with 1 Dolby Atmos mixing stage. For video, we have a color grading suite equipped witha cinema projector to complete the cinematic experience. We also have 2 rooms for offline editing, and 1 for digital cinema (DCP) mastering and replication. It's a one-stop-shop for your post-production needs!